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Why You Should Use GENUINE Lycoming, Superior and Continental Engines

  • 26.05.2022

As you may already know, at Norvic we specialise in Lycoming, Superior and Continental engines. These are the three biggest light aircraft aero-engine manufacturers, but why are they so popular and trusted throughout the flight community? Here are a few of the reasons you should use genuine Lycoming, Superior and Continental Engines and their parts:

Experienced Manufacturers

No one has more experience in the industry than the manufacturers of Lycoming, Superior and Continental Engines, having all been producing engines for aircraft since 1929 they’ve been around the block! Our engineers know these engines like the back of their hands and can fully maintain their manufacturing quality throughout Norvic overhauls, shock load repairs and general repairs. We are the most approved engine shop in the world.

Proven, Reliable and Robust

All three Lycoming, Superior and Continental engines are FAA approved. Continental Prime are FAA approved parts (PMA). Superior are also FAA approved parts (PMA), but they now offer a 37 month warranty on their cylinders being the very best in the industry.

Engine Variety

If you were to check the dropdown menu on our homepage for overhauls, you would see the sheer amount of engines we are able to overhaul, shock load repair and repair. This variety of products from Superior, Lycoming and Continental manufacturers means there is pretty much an engine overhaul, shock load repair or repair for any aircraft you might have.


You may be put off purchasing genuine new parts over overhauling your existing ones due to price, but rest assured the quality you would be paying for is worth the extra cost. New parts are much more reliable than overhauling existing parts. Once your engine is overhauled at Norvic, the value of your aircraft will increase.

Up to Date with Add-ons and Extras

These engines are consistently developing and have many new and updated parts to improve performance and efficiency, pioneering the aero-engine industry. At Norvic, we never fail to keep up with suppliers and ensure the latest and best parts are used in your overhaul service so you don’t miss out on the latest product improvements.

Lycoming, Continental and Superior

Aircraft manufacturers choose the most suitable engine and Norvic is there to overhaul, shock load repair and generally repair these engines to the very best standard.

If you are looking for overhauls, ready to go engines, shock load repairs or general repairs, or more information and general updates, check out the rest of the website!

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