We hold EASA Third Country Approval

Overhaul / Exchange

TCM Continental & Lycoming engine overhaul
& Ready to Go Engines

Norvic has continuity of highly-trained engineers with over 150 years’ collective experience in Continental & Lycoming engine overhaul and repair, working to Norvic’s clear procedures and quality control in our modern engine shop in Cambridgeshire.

A Norvic Overhaul or a Norvic Exchange Overhaul engine is of the exact same standard as an OEM Rebuilt engine, not their Overhauled engine. Compare our prices with the OEM Rebuilt.

You’ll find we deliver unparalleled customer service—doing exactly what we promised, and making every effort to meet your special requirements. Turn to us for all your needs in GA (General Aviation) light aircraft engine overhaul, repair and sudden engine stoppage (propeller/rotor strike Shock) including:

  • Lycoming engine overhaul / exchange
  • TCM Teledyne Continental engine overhaul / exchange
  • Franklin engine overhaul / exchange

At our advanced engine shop, all of the technical work is carried out by EASA Part 145 Certified personnel in accordance with the company’s EASA Part 145 Approval number UK.145.01182, FAA Approval No. 33NY343C, Philippine CAAP Approval No. 412-F and Jordanian CARC Approval No. CARC.F.AMO.28.

Request a quotation or make an enquiry about a Continental or Lycoming engine overhaul / exchange.

    Fast turnaround

    High-quality people with continuity and experience are the basis for our confidence in Norvic quality and turnaround timings. Even our procedures are designed from the outset with quality and speed in mind-including a prompt, comprehensive engine collection and delivery service covering the UK, Europe, Middle East and worldwide.

    Can’t wait 4-6 weeks to get your engine back? Outside of the OEM’s we have the largest stock of engines fully overhauled and ready for fast exchange which can cut turnaround down to a maximum 2 weeks. If your engine is out of stock, our Exchange to Order service may have what you need. The only condition is that your return Core engine must be in good condition for us to overhaul

    With smart procedures and quality control systems, we’re dedicated to providing the UK’s fastest turnaround in our field. These are not empty words. We have the experience and in-house capability to quote fast-but-realistic completion dates, coupled with the clever ideas set out here that shave days and weeks off turnaround times.

    Our collection and delivery facilities, close links with the on-airport maintenance shop, and good relationships with suppliers also contribute to a smooth operation.

    Shock load repair kits

    You know your engine must come out and have mandatory parts replaced, as specified by the engine manufacturer. But Norvic has an innovative way to cut your downtime, because we stock sets of parts we call ‘shock load kits’ for various engines. For commercial customers, this means in many cases that we can turn your engine around in a maximum of 2 weeks instead of 4.

    Your parts are ready

    If we know your engine is coming, we can pre-order parts for you. This way, they can be ready and waiting when your engine arrives for overhaul, which means a big saving in overall turnaround time.

    We are dedicated to providing the fastest turnaround in our field in the UK, and this is one of the ways in which we work to minimise your aircraft’s time on the ground.

    Ready to Go Engines

    Subject to availability and payment, shipment within 5 working days.

    Second to none, our Ready to Go Engine service will take your expired core and provide an overhauled exchange in the shortest time possible.  Minimise ground time with Norvic Ready to Go Engines.

    Why wait for an overhaul? Our current stock of Ready to Go engines includes:

    • Lycoming O-235-L2A
    • Lycoming O-320-D2J X 2
    • Lycoming O-320-E2D
    • Lycoming O-320-H2AD
    • Lycoming O-360-A3A X 2
    • Lycoming O-360-A1AD
    • Lycoming IO-360-C1C6

    Exchange to Order

    Why be grounded while your own engine is overhauled?

    We have engine cores ready to overhaul with a typical 4-6 week’s notice. Call us to discuss your timescales.

    Our current Exchange To Order core stock includes:

    • Lycoming O-320-D1D
    • Lycoming O-320- B2C
    • Lycoming O-360-A4M
    • Lycoming O-360-J2A
    • Lycoming IO-360-C1E6
    • Lycoming IO-360-BIE
    • Lycoming LIO-360-C1E6
    • Lycoming HIO-360-D1A
    • Lycoming O-540-F1B5
    • Lycoming O-540-E4C5
    • Lycoming O-540-BC5D
    • Lycoming O-540-T4B5D
    • Lycoming TIO-540-J2BD
    • TCM O-240-A
    • TCM IO-240-B
    • TCM O-300-D
    • TCM TSIO-360-KB
    • TCM TSIO-360-EB
    • TCM LTSIO-360-EB

    In-house capability

    With our broad set of skills under one roof, we can cut the time it takes to rebuild and repair your engine for optimal performance and reliability. It also gives us the flexibility to meet your particular requirements.

    As part of your engine overhaul or repair, we can overhaul injectors, carburettors, magnetos, CSUs, and cylinders (including non-destructive testing-NDT), each in its own facility within the engine shop. We also have the capability to repair and overhaul crankcases and crankshafts, and have CAA approval for TIG welding of aluminium-including crankcases and cylinder heads-all to Norvic’s high standards.

    Harnessing technology

    Complementing our core people skills, we regularly invest in the latest technology to minimise costs and hassle for our customers and further enhance the quality and reliability of our engines. Recent developments include our MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) crack test technology and new dynamometer test bed display system.

    In-house Froude GB4 water brake dynamometer test rig

    After an engine has received a complete overhaul, we make our pass-off tests with the engine mounted on our advanced Froude GB4 water brake dynamometer, which enables the engine output to be determined in terms of brake power.

    This is an important part of our process of checking and recording all parameters in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

    See the CAA publication CAP562 for a full description of the test requirements:


    Our dynamometer test bed digital display:

    TCM Continental & Lycoming engine overhauls adhere to strict quality procedures

    All engines are subject to our strict procedures ensuring a high quality overhaul or repair that will return years of dependable flight under the best warranty in the business. Lower your cost of ownership by maximising TBO with a Norvic overhaul. A Norvic overhaul is of the exact same standard as an OEM Rebuild engine.

    Each incoming engine is first stripped and thoroughly cleaned in specialised ultrasonic cleaning baths and, where appropriate, bead blasting, again using specialist equipment. Each is then allocated to an individual cart to eliminate the risk of parts cross contamination and ensure a smooth transit through our rigorously monitored programme of works.

    Our engineers conduct a full inventory and engine strip to identify parts needing repair, replacement or overhaul, then carry out exhaustive tests and upgrades to the highest professional standards. Replacement parts are then installed and the engine sent for testing on our own test-bed facility. The final step is a series of in-depth checks to ensure the engine is flawless and ready for delivery. See our quality control procedures in detail.

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