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  • All of Norvic’s Overhauled, Exchange or Shock Load Repaired engines have been properly tested on our Froude Dynamometer test bed.
  • Accordingly, it is important that once the engine has been installed in the airframe, minimum ground running is carried out. For Lycoming engines, Service Instruction 1427 (latest issue) refers (attached), together with Lycoming’s Flyer Maintenance Manual (attached) which at page 82 clearly states “All engines that have had initial run-in conducted in a test cell should proceed directly to the Flight Test section”.
  • At Page 82 of Lycoming’s Flyer Maintenance Manual it also clearly states “Extended ground operation can cause excessive cylinder and oil temperatures”. Cylinders can ‘glaze’ in consequence.
  • Engines should therefore be run for the minimum amount of time on the ground and only to check the engine’s correct installation and readings. During this ground run, the engine should be operated above 1000 RPM. After minimum ground run, the aircraft should be flown. After take-off, power should be reduced to 65/75% and the aircraft flown for 2 hours.
  • Prior to installing any Overhauled or Exchange Overhauled engine, the oil cooler should be replaced.
  • Your Overhauled engine should be operated on Straight Mineral Oil or as the manufacturer specifies for a minimum 50 hours or until oil consumption has stabilised. After this initial period, engines may then be switched to W80, W100 or Multi-grade Oil, depending on conditions/temperature and manufacturer’s instructions. For some engines an approved additive oil may be used, but again as specified by the engine manufacturer, for example, Lycoming’s 76 Series Engines should use an additive oil. Please see attached Service Instruction regarding the recommended oil to use.
  • It is essential prior to take-off and on taxiing/waiting to maintain the engine’s RPM above 1000.

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