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Norvic is one of the leading aircraft engine overhaul companies. Our aviation customers know from experience that the cheapest engine is not the one that is overhauled or repaired for the least money, but the one that provides the lowest cost per flying hour. The engine that goes to TBO.

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Lycoming TCM Continental
46 years experience of aircraft engine overhaul

46 years of expertise

The result of more than four decades of engine overhaul work for both the motor racing and general aviation industries.

Light aircraft

Sudden engine stoppage, propeller/rotor strike Shock

Shock Load and Propeller Strike. Norvic stock ‘Shock Load Kits’ and are approved by insurance companies across the world for fast track repairs.

Aircraft engine overhaul component

+ Mags, Injectors, Carbs, CSU’s…

We can overhaul the majority of aircraft engine components in our range of facilities within our engine shop in the UK.

NORVIC's warranty
is the BEST in the business

exchange = 1000 hours*
overhaul = 1000 hours*

* Overhaul and exchange engines – Warranty 1000hrs or 24 months (whichever comes first)

* Repair engines – Warranty 100hrs or 6 months (whichever comes first)

NORVIC warranty

Norvic Overhaul = OEM Rebuilt

Norvic’s overhauled engine is of the exact same standard as an OEM rebuilt engine, not their overhauled engine. The same warranty, the same number of new parts. Our engineers have on average over 14 years’ experience.

over 14 Years

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