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Dr. Klaus Koellinger

  • 14.07.2020

The engine is back installed in the plane and works very smooth.

Norvic did a great job! I am sure my aircraft maintanance will contact You in engine Questions….
They were very astonished about the perfect complete service belonging the assembly equipment etc.
Its not usual of course to have seals, clamps etc. in the package…
I told them about the very perfect support , especially Yours.

Nik, thank You so much for Your Job. I know it’s only Your job, but the quality of each of all jobs depends on the heart, executing it.

I hope there are many unforgettable hours in the air or on ground for all of us and many happy landings ahead , because flights and days are a new challenge ,everyday , especially in present times!

Stay well and healthy!!

Best regards to all who did their special Job to bring the engine alive .

P.S. My engine, overhauled by Norvic best support by Nik! is doing a great job. In the meantime there are 150h running time , smooth, and powerful increasing growing up to best performance….

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