Norvic Aero Engines

How quick are we?

Fast! With smart procedures and quality control systems, we're dedicated to providing the UK's fastest turnaround in our field. These are not empty words. We have the experience and in-house capability to quote fast-but-realistic completion dates, coupled with the clever ideas set out here that shave days and weeks off turnaround times.

Our collection and delivery facilities, close links with the on-airport maintenance shop, and good relationships with suppliers also contribute to a smooth operation.


My aircraft cost me money while grounded—Norvic recognise this and have often extracted us from difficult situations

Derick Gunning, Modern Air Self-Fly Rental


Unique speedy exchange

Can't wait 4-6 weeks to get your engine back? We keep our own range of engines fully overhauled and ready for Exchange Now, which can cut turnaround down to a couple of weeks. If your engine is out of stock our Exchange To Order service may have what you need. The only condition is that your return core engine must be in good condition for us to overhaul.

Shock load repair kit

You know your engine must come out and have mandatory parts replaced, as specified by the engine manufacturer. But Norvic has an innovative way to cut your downtime, because we stock sets of parts we call 'shock load kits' for various engines. For commercial customers, this means in many cases that we can turn your engine around in a maximum of 2 weeks instead of 4.

Your parts are ready

If we know your engine is coming, we can pre-order parts for you. This way, they can be ready and waiting when your engine arrives for overhaul, which means a big saving in overall turnaround time.


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