Norvic Aero Engines

Lycoming, Continental, Franklin, Rotax
overhaul, exchange and shock load repair


Why select Norvic Aero Engines for your next engine overhaul or repair?


The best warranty in the business


Supporting private and commercial operators


150 years' collective experience


Engine tracker


Genuine Lycoming
& TCM Continental new parts


One-stop shop


Exchange engines 'ready to go'


Fast-track repairs facility


Pre-approved insurance pricing


Clear itemised quotations

Our passion for quality

Norvic’s proud history in light aircraft engine overhaul and repair is the base for our exciting future under completely new ownership. In addition to investing in modern facilities and equipment, we also retain our vastly experienced engineering team—a combination that delivers the quality of work and continuity of skills that customers value.

Global customer base

Specialising in the overhaul and repair of Lycoming, Continental, Franklin, Rotax and Experimental engines, we work for a broad spread of UK and global customers, ranging from commercial operators, maintenance organisations, private owners and flying schools to helicopter operators and scheduled service airlines.


Our highly trained engineers have more than 150 years’ collective experience in engine overhaul and repair, and work to clear quality procedures in our modern engine shop in Cambridgeshire.


We’re dedicated to providing the fastest turnaround in our field in the UK, with no missed completion dates.

Our ‘smart’ procedures are designed from the outset with quality and speed in mind—including options like exchange engines and parts pre-ordering to shorten your downtime and a prompt engine collection and delivery service.


We aim to provide unparalleled customer service, doing exactly what we promised, and making every effort to meet special requirements.

You can trust us to work to the highest ethical standards—which means we keep our word, we safeguard your deposit, and we offer the best warranty in the business.

Latest news:

It’s been a busy start to the year for Norvic Aero Engines. Our lead up to the new year was full of good spirits and a large work load! For our UK and European based customers, our most popular engine supplied in December 2013 was the Lycoming IO-360-L2A for Cessna 172 R & S. This month our reliable team at the St. Neot’s workshop have been working hard to supply overhauled and exchange O-320-D3G for Piper Warriors, O-320-H2AD for Cessna 172N's & continental 0-200-A for Cessna 150's. more »


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